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  Most times called the Canada Visitor Visa, the Canada Temporary Resident Visa offers immigrants/Visitors access to immigrate to Canada for a prescribed number of times. At the expiration of this visa, you either return to your home country to reapply otherwise you reapply while in Canada for a renewal.

The different sorts of Online Application for Temporary Resident Visa in Canada Are:

*Canada Student Visa;

*Canada Working Holiday Visa;

*Temporary Residence Permit of Canada;

*Courtesy Visa;

*Canada Business Visa;

*Visa to offer Birth in Canada;

*Canada Tourist Visa;

*Diplomatic and Official Visa;

*Canada Super Visa;

*Intending donor Visa;

*Canada Facilitation Visa;

*Canada Temporary Work Visa.

Are you new to the Canada Visa application procedures? then this text will properly guide you thru the processes. albeit your visa is expired or close to and you’re still curious about returning to Canada, then you’re within the right article.

For total new applicants within the Canadian immigration process, there’s a requirement to know that your particular interest category has its unique requirements. If you’ve got met the needed requirements, then your time interval is going to be faster. However, you’ll have met the needed requirement but still being denied a visa into Canada thanks to improper documentation. Such is that the reason we advise you to rent the services of an immigration consultant, they know their ways around the immigration processes and their application criteria.

There are two unique ways you’ll apply for a Canada visa through their online platform. Meanwhile, you’ll need to scan and process softcopies of your different documents; also make available a MasterCard for any sort of online payment.

However, you’ll apply for Canada Visa Online after meeting the required documentation requirements for the visa; you then proceed to make a web profile on the Canada Official Website.

How you’ll Achieve Online Application for Temporary Resident Visa Canada

Using your online banking profile or;

Using the Canadian Government login key also referred to as the GC key.

You just got to gather the specified documents and kick start your applications.

At the top of your documentation, you’ll receive a reference number that’s still valid throughout the amount of the visa application process.

Below documents are however required for Canada visa application;

*A Passport

*The Required Canada Visa Application Visa Form;

*Evidence of payment for Canada Visa Fee;

*A Proof of your financial capability;

*Similarly, a police clearance certificate;

*Also a Medical Certificate;

*Cover letter explaining your interest in traveling to Canada;

similarly, a support letter or a letter of invitation to Canada;

*Also needed is identity and Civil status Documents;

*Finally, a typical photograph matching Canada Visa requirements for a photograph.

After submitting the above documents you’ll proceed to pay the fees for your application however, this relies on the sort of visa category you apply under. For the case of a Canada Temporary visa, you would like only to pay the sum of CAD$100 for an individual with a further Biometric fee of CAD$85 also per person.

Consequently, your application may take 2-3 weeks for the Canadian Embassy to process. However, you’ll need an additional document like your biometric for further interviews at the embassy.

After meeting all the wants, you are doing well to understand that at the port of entry you’ll be requested for further documentation and verification.

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